Friday, October 17, 2014

Watching the Patriot Nurse

I was just, now watching the"Patriot Nurse" on YouTube. She is starting to panic. She pointed out that what was happening in Dallas has her thinking that things will be out of control (as far as Ebola is concerned) very soon.
I think the way that Ebola in Texas has been handled make me use the word cluster- f--k. It almost looks to me like they are trying to spread it. It makes me wonder if there is something to the idea that the ruling class is trying to get rid of the rest of us.
Look up Agenda 21 on Google to get my drift. That's supposed to be the name of a UN agenda that has the UN destroying 90% of the human population to make things better for those who survive.
I think it's bogus but there are times that it seems logical. I think the reason I feel that it is bogus is that I have a hard time thinking that people could be so evil, but after all we bombed Japan with atomic bombs after they made it clear that they wanted to surrender. People are evil. Don't underestimate evil.
I'm thinking about how I can bug out in my present location. My apartment is too crowded to be safe from germs. Maybe I can find a trailer park near LaCrosse.
After I get the shocks and fuel tanks fixed I suppose I could head out West and look for gold. I may have to leave a bit earlier than I wanted to but that's life. It never works out the way you thought it would.
I'm going to an auction, tomorrow. I'm hoping to pick up some bug out stuff. I'll have to write a check that will clear Monday, so I'll have some money by then.
Go watch Patriot Nurse. It's time to get serious about bugging out.
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