Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We Should Know in a Week or Two

So just how likely is it that Ebola will spread throughout the world?
I think we'll know by a week or two.
That will be enough time for the passengers on the plane that the second sick nurse from Dallas got on, to get sick. If those two nurses were spreading it we should be aware of it within 2 weeks.
In Nigeria, Patrick Sawyer spread it to over 20 people and the Nigerian health agency was still able to contain it.
Maybe there is hope, yet. All the newscasters are telling us that it's not very contagious. Maybe they're right. We should know soon. I might not have to bug out as quickly as I thought I would.
I'm still getting my motor home ready and I'm stocking up on food and water. The "Patriot Nurse" talked about prepping for Ebola on YouTube, recently. You might want to check out that video.
I wasted a day, yesterday, at an auction in Cresco. They had an SKS and a Mosin-Nagant for sale that I was interested in. I only had $100 that I could spend. The Mosin went for $175 and the SKS went for $350. I didn't even get a bid in. I wish I had more money but that's life.
I'm still waiting for the motor home to have shock absorbers replaced and the fuel gauges fixed. Maybe I should do the work myself. It might get done and I would save some money. It's getting a little cold to get anybody to help me with it.
Even without the Ebola outbreak, it looks to me like it's time to bug out due to the financial collapse that is pending. It's just time to be hiding out in the mountains and pan for gold. I don't see anything wrong with that plan. I've just got to be more serious about making it happen.
Not much else is happening. One or more of America's puppet states are claiming that there is satellite images of flight 17 being shot down by the rebels in Eastern Ukraine. If such images exist, why didn't they show them  6 months ago. I have more faith it what Max Keiser has to say than America's mainstream media. I would like to see somebody do more investigating (such as re-assembling the plane) but there is still a lot of fighting in that area.
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