Sunday, October 26, 2014

Conflicting Data

We're getting conflicting data about the Ebola outbreak.
On one hand, people keep coming out of Africa and bring the virus to New York. I'm glad that the governors of New Jersey and New York made it mandatory for people who worked with Ebola patients in Africa to be quarantined when they come here. It's obvious that they need to be isolated for a while.
The good news is that Ebola may not be as easy to spread as it once appeared it was. Thomas Duncan (the person who brought Ebola to Texas) was living with several other people in an apartment in Dallas. He was quite contagious for at least 2 days while he was in that apartment. Yet, none of the other people in that apartment have come down with Ebola.
That bodes well for the rest of us. Maybe it's really not that contagious. It might be that the health care workers are just exposed to body fluids more that other people are. Maybe that's why so many of them come down with it in spite of their precautions.
I want to mention my feelings about panic spreading thought the East Coast. Now that 2 health care workers have brought Ebola to New York I feel that people will start selling their homes and move out of there. I expect thousands to move in the next week or two. That should crash the real estate market on the East Coast. Those people will probably move to the West Coast or Arizona. They don't know any better than to live in large cities. If I were them I would move to Canada or someplace isolated. This might start the long-awaited crash in real estate and the stock market. We'll see.
I think the government is spreading lies about the severity of the outbreak. The numbers of sick and dead victims of Ebola are not only late in arriving, but they are suspect. They don't seem to be progressing at the same rate that the spread of Ebola has spread for the last 9 or so months. I have doubts that they are accurate. If they are maybe it's coming under control. I doubt that very much. I think the news is being suppressed.
It's in the interests of the powers that be to keep the Sheeple in the dark. It would affect the real estate and stock market if we knew what is really going on. I feel that those markets will crash anyway. There are other things that will pop those bubbles as well.
I'm still waiting for parts to arrive for my motor home. I hope it will be fixed, tomorrow.
I'm hoping to get out of here by April.
That will give me a chance to make money shoveling snow and time to get the motor home fixed.
I'm still concerned about the fuel gauges. I want to know how much fuel I have in the tanks if I'm traveling out West.
It's coming along too slowly for me. I'm getting anxious.
I told my counselor that I would send messages to 5 women at OK cupid and Survivalist Singles. I'm not looking forward to it. I haven't had much contact with women for the last 40 or so years. They all seem so content with their black guys. Oh well. I don't think I will encourage them much. I'll start my message with saying that I've been defined by my mental illness and poverty. That's the truth. That should keep them away.
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