Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Not much Happening

I don't really feel very inspired, tonight. I'm at the Co-op; drinking coffee; and trying to come up with something to blog about.
The guy who went to the hospital in Washington D.C. with Ebola symptoms turned out to not have Ebola. Since he was from Nigeria it would have indicated that Nigeria was not Ebola-free if he had it. Had he turned out to be positive I would have been shouting from the roof tops about the "sky falling".
It was good news that he wasn't positive; now we might have another 6 months or so before 90% of the world's population dies. I think that might make the difference between 2 and 3 years before we're all doomed.
Maybe I can get my motor home out of the shop and out to California before the Ebola outbreak gets here. I might not make it before the financial collapse.
Today, the market went down 272 points. I think it is anticipating the Ebola thing. Maybe it has to do with China's economy slowing down or ISIS, or the Ukraine crisis. I still think that it's Ebola driving down the market. Only time will tell. At least gold isn't collapsing. In fact, I kind of hope gold and silver go down some more so I can buy more.
It's almost 8:00 and the Co-op closes, soon.
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