Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lots of Ebola News Today

The stock market went down over 230 points, today. I think it was mainly due to the Ebola news about the man in Dallas who was diagnosed with it.
The market is a lot smarter than the people who talk about it. I saw someone today say that there was a lot of bad news and he felt that the market reacted in a rather restrained manner.
I think the people with the inside information are getting out as best they can. Ebola may affect travel and dining out and a myriad of other things I haven't thought of, yet. If I had stocks I would be selling, now.
I'll be watching how fast it spreads in the Dallas area. I noticed that the person who came down with it was in contact with 5 children. If they get it and play with other children it could spread a lot faster than people think it will.
The common opinion is that it won't spread as much in the United States compared with Africa. I think it might spread faster, here. We have a lot more people traveling all over the place, here. It might get to all corners of the country if people get on planes with it.
Anyway, I'll be watching the stock market and I'll be watching for news of new cases.
I'm getting work done on my motor home. Dave (the guy working on it) had to go to Chicago for a few days. At least he got some things done before he left. I still need to find out if the furnace and the water heater work. Those are the main things.
I should be ready to bug out in a couple of weeks, maximum.
I might get back to this blog later, tonight.
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