Monday, December 29, 2014

Are my planning and thoughts too "fear based".

I don't know. I feel that I want to be prepared for what happens in the future and I don't see much good going on. 
I feel that the currency will collapse any time, now. I was watching something on YouTube that predicted the collapse this coming September or October. 
I hope it holds together that long. I should be in the gold fields of Northern California by then. I'll be living cheaply and stacking gold. I should be as ready as I can be for that contingency by then.
Of course, I'm basing my plans on the collapse of the dollar. Other people might feel that I'm being a "Chicken Little", but I just feel that I'm doing the sensible thing when you consider the facts. I'm not ignoring reality like so many of my friends. 
That reminds me, what about Ebola? 
I think the "controlled press" is being shut down in reporting about it. Alex Jones said that he's been hearing about people who get checked into hospitals with Ebola symptoms and they are being made to disappear. Their records are purged and it's just like they never existed. 
This messes me up with my plans to bug out when the toll of Ebola patients in the U.S.A. hits 50,000. My new criteria is to bug out as soon as I see an obvious Ebola victim. They have blood blisters that can be seen across the street. I figure that if I see one it's time to leave. 
More bad news about the motor home. It turns out that the RV repair guy doesn't want to mess with the propane because it may be dangerous. It also may not meet the newer specs. I might have to spend hundreds of dollars getting the furnace and water heater fixed up. Maybe I'll take it to the other RV repair place that is about 20 miles away. They seem a lot more ready to work on the old "piece of shit". 
I'm really disappointed in the lack of snowfall this year. I was hoping to make a ton of money shoveling snow. It's just isn't happening. I miss the income from my old job at the Peace Center. Without the snow I don't have any way to make it up. Maybe I'll have to finance my gold prospecting expedition with "Crowd Funding" or something. There is nobody I could borrow from since I've always lost money on all of my get rich quick schemes. 

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