Thursday, December 11, 2014

One Day before I Leave My Job

I'm just waiting for the end of my job.
It'll give me more time to work on my motor home and make money, shoveling snow.
I'll also be able to go places on weekends; or even during the middle of the week. I'll just take off and park on the street or in Wal-Mart parking lots and maybe try to buy gold and silver in other cities. I'll be able to take in church services on Sundays.
I haven't heard anything from the colleges that I applied for jobs at. The job at NICC (Northeast Iowa Community College) is probably taken. They had someone there on a temporary basis, already. The other one (at Luther College) is still open.
I think I can make as much money or more, simply shoveling snow.
I might also get my Linux business going. I had someone ask me to tutor him in running a computer, the other night. Maybe I should advertise on DecorahNow. com.
I measured the old refrigerator in the motor home. If I take off the door and the cooling pipes and motor on the rear I should be able to get it out of the motor home. I'll probably get it out, this weekend.
Tomorrow I'll put some gas in it. I also need to top off the propane. I'll look into that soon, as well.
It turned out that there is only one place that I can have propane added to the motor home in Decorah. The fact that the propane tank is built into the bottom of the motor home makes it difficult. If you could just take off bottles of propane and replace them it would be no problem. I have to drive the motor home close to a place where there is a hose that can connect to the propane tank.
There doesn't seem to be much happening with Ebola; at least it's not being reported. I guess they are trying to prevent panic. I was reading somewhere that the true count is likely to be 3 times higher than the official count. The official count is over 11,000 have had it and over 6,000 have died. The percentage of deaths is 73%. The reason the death count looks lower is simply that a lot of those people haven't died yet.
I hope that I can bug out by next Summer. I'll be panning for gold in the mountains of Northern California with a couple of my friends. Maybe we'll avoid human contact and thereby avoid the Ebola pandemic. We'll see.
Gold and silver are moving up but it's not panic buying, yet. Maybe I've been watching the wrong people on YouTube. The manipulators seem to be able to keep prices of most everything at whatever they want it to be.
I'll still be buying gold and silver since I don't have faith in the fiat currency.
Well, that's all I have for now.
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