Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Move is Picking Up

I'm making more progress on the move today.
It turned out that the plastic bins I bought from Wal-Mart are useless for moving. When they are full they are too heavy to lug around and they don't fit on a 2 wheel cart. They will be good for storage.
I'm going to throw away most of my Cd's and DVDs. They just take up too much room. I'll put the music on a flash drive and eliminate all of my operating systems except for what I'm presently using. I hate to throw away all of the jewelery cases but they take up too much room.
I added something called "Marvel Mystery Oil" to the gas in the motor home and it cleaned up the carburetor. Now at least it's not racing. Actually it runs rather good.
I still have a long list of things to repair on it; and I'm taking it to Dan's Standard, Monday.
I had good news about the last laptop that I sent to California for repair. I paid $120 and it's fixed. I'm just awaiting it's return.
That will be the 17 inch machine and it will replace my desktop. I just no longer have room for a desktop computer. I'll have to give it away. I think I'll donate it to the Peace Center.
I have to find someone who would appreciate some hard drives and jewelery cases. There is a guy named Peterson who repairs old computers as a hobby; maybe he'll take them. I'll track him down and ask him. Maybe I could donate them to the library.
Well, I have to get back to work.
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