Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Loan is going through, apparently.

One Main contacted me and said that the loan is going through. I had to fill out some more forms online, but they said that I would have my money today.
Now I'm tempted to buy a crypto-currency on margin. I'm thinking about Litecoin.
I can buy on margin on Kraken. That's a cryto-currency exchange.
I'm paying an outrageous rate of interest on one of my loans. I would like to pay that off but I'll never make any money playing defense all the time.
Of course, that's why I'm so broke all the time. I always lose when I bet everything on the latest (sure thing).
Maybe I'll pay off some of my worse loans and buy some silver options and some litecoins as well.
I would like to go looking for gold, this summer. I would also like to open up my prepper store.
Something I keep forgetting about is time travel for Bitcoin purchasing.
Frankly, being rich would make everything I want to do much easier. I just need to go back to 2010 and buy Bitcoins.
I don't know why I make such a hard problem out of simple time travel. All I have to do is see myself in 2010 as in visualization. I've been known to do it on my own.
Maybe I was fooling myself and a more advanced being was sending me back in time.
Maybe I have to find a more advanced being than myself and ask them to send me back in time.
I'm not sure where I'll find such a person or being. Maybe asking that question on the Internet will bring the answer to me.
Oh well, maybe I'll find the answer to this.
I think part of the answer is to have a noble goal; because, why would an advanced being help someone who is just into such a search only to enrich himself?
I've been daydreaming about it lately; I think I would like to find a way to back Bitcoin with gold. is making headway with it but they are short of the goal.
Maybe I could make a deal with them if I had enough gold and Bitcoins to make it work. Well, it's worth a try.
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