Friday, April 28, 2017

The Loan went through.

I've been paying off debts with the money I got from One Main.
The interest rate is rather high but it's cheaper than my payday loan.
I paid off $1,000 on that loan but I sent off $500 for a fraction of a bitcoin. I figure that you can't win by playing defense all of the time.
At least I have a job and an extra $1000/month income. That, along with the savings from paying off the car, will enable me to get ahead for a while.
I need to not only pay down the credit cards but I'll have to buy back the silver that I've been selling people. There are three people who've been nice enough to buy my silver when I get into trouble financially. They buy my silver as a favor to me; they really don't want it.
Another guy (Nate) has been known to buy my silver but I doubt that he'll sell anything back because he knows the true value of precious metals.
If I can hang on to my job I should be in good financial shape in a few months. After I work at Wal-Mart for  months I'll get a raise to $10.00/hour and get all sorts of medical and dental care as well.
I doubt that I'll be able to hang on to the job; but that's OK since I'll be able to pay down my credit cards and such on my Social Security alone.
I need to keep making some progress on time traveling back to 2010 to buy bitcoins. I've been caught up on simply paying down my bills. I need to keep focused on getting back in time to pick up bitcoins at a low price.
I only hope that the currency holds up long enough for me to pay down my debts and get together for the collapse.
That reminds me, Zimbabwe has collapsed again. They now have 100 trillion dollar notes that nobody wants.
I don't see why the United States won't go the same way. In fact, in a lot of ways the U.S. is worse than Zimbabwe. At least Zimbabwe doesn't get into endless wars all over the world.
On that note, I think I'll sign off.
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