Sunday, April 30, 2017

It's time to express my gratitude.

A week or two ago I asked my readers to pray for me to get the loan.
It was delayed but it went through so I need to express my gratitude to those who did pray for me.
Maybe getting a loan against my car was indicative of how much banks want to loan for (less than perfect) cars.
I think it had more to due to divine intervention. It takes divine intervention for good things to happen to me.
I not only got a loan but I started a new job as well. The job is going well and it's the key to getting my bills paid off.
If I can get my loans and credit cards paid down I'll be able to go back to prospecting. I've got several places that I want to go looking for gold at.
This summer, I'll be metal detecting for coins, locally.
I bought a metal detector, this morning.
I went looking at Gander Mountain after going to church today.
I couldn't get them to give me a major discount so I went to Harbor Freight. There, I bought a detector for $40.
It's not a good as the $150 detector at Gander Mountain but at least I'll be able to metal detect this summer.
I'm looking forward to detect an old picnic grounds near Frankville.
I also want to find the site of an old school that was used in the 1850's to teach Indian children to farm.
At those places there may be some really old coins.
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