Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I'm able to pay my bills.

The money coming in from the new job is enabling me to keep current on my bills. I'm going to be able to scrape by for another month.
I went to a coin auction last Sunday. I blew it by buying coins without really knowing when they changed from being 90% silver to being 40% silver and then going to 0% silver.
I bought a bunch of coins that I thought were 40% silver and it turned out that they had no silver in them. I'll use them for the washing machines. There is no coin shop near here so that's all they're good for as far as I'm concerned.
Not much is happening here. I'm working every week day. I'm not getting many sales but nobody else is either.
I'm looking for another job but nothing is showing up.
The car is still running but it's got a cracked windshield and it's starting to make whining noise. I also have to put air into the right, front, tire every 3 days. I just hope it keeps running.
It's "open mike" night at Java Johns so I'm hanging out at the co-op. It's quiet here and I'm drinking coffee and eating yogurt. The yogurt is selling at a massive discount so I'll have two small containers.
There is another coin auction next Sunday. I'll be more careful there.
I think I'll sign off for now.
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