Sunday, April 23, 2017

I put in my First Week at Wal-Mart.

I've gotten my first full week in at Wal-Mart.
I only worked last night at my real job (unloading trucks, and stocking shelves). The rest of the week was spent doing computer training.
I was worried that I might not be up to the physical demands of the job. It turned out that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
By the end of the night I was drained but I can handle it.
In about a week and a half I'll have plenty of money to pay my bills. I'm behind on a couple of credit cards and I owe Media Com (an internet provider) $50; but I'll be able to catch up soon.
After that I should be able to pay off credit cards, and hopefully get better prepared for the currency collapse.
That reminds me, I was just listening to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on YouTube. He was saying that Trump has been beaten into submission by the (Deep State).
The Deep State refers to the corrupt (and possibly pedophile) people who have infiltrated most of the positions of real power in the country. Obama had 8 years to appoint corrupt (and Muslim) people throughout the country.
Apparently, they were powerful enough to make Trump worse than useless.
We're probably in for more idiotic wars and the continued non-enforcement of laws (especially where it concerns the elite). Trump is simply not strong enough to make any changes.
On a different topic, I'm lowering the prices of my etchings on Ebay. I lowered the prices this week and next week I'm going to try to sell the whole collection as one item. If anyone is interested in etchings with a Southwest American slant go to Ebay and search for Malcolm Childers. My etching are being sold by the Game Exchange in Decorah, Iowa. You'll notice that mine already tend to beat the prices of my competitors.
I would like to point out that mine are all genuine. There are a lot of forgeries out there. They have the wrong dates and numbers on them. I would trust the ones from American Designs but they are all more expensive than mine.
Well, back to my negative YouTube videos.
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