Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm at Java John's, waiting for Jennell. I'm finally going to give her a laptop. I had troubles with the one that I fixed up from the parts that I got a week or so ago. I'm going to give her one that works just fine. To make sure that it's working good, I'm using it for my blog.
I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much, lately. Last night I was up with a sick desktop computer. Dave, from WRAP, had a sick desktop. He thought that it had a bad CD player. It turned out that the power supply was dying. I don't have one to replace it with, so he'll have to spend over $100 to repair it. Maybe, I can get some parts off of it. It has a 40 gig. hard drive and 1 gig. of memory. Maybe I could get a power supply for it.
It was predicted to rain today, and it's finally getting cloudy. I rolled the windows down, yesterday, so I hope that it stays cool. It's a hassle to roll those windows up or down. They barely work at all. They use a crank system that is simply worn out.
On the disability front. If you are waiting for Social Security to decide to give you your payments, try not to get too discouraged. They'll fight you tooth and nail. They don't want to pay you. You have to fight for it. It takes about six months to get denied your last appeal.
I used to get emotional during the denial process. I would find myself getting suicidal for about a week. After all, they denied me an income and I didn't know where my sustenance was to come from.
One time I was so suicidal that I couldn't get the idea of committing suicide out of my head. I turned myself into a psych ward for the weekend.
That turned out for the best since it looked good at the hearing that they finally held.
It takes about 3 years to get to the hearing process. That is where the tables will turn and you'll finally get your disability. Age will work in your favor as well as your diagnosis. The one witness that I had at my hearing was from the Workforce Development Department. He consistently stated that I couldn't be expected to find work in the various jobs that were brought up.
I felt that I wasted my money on the lawyer, but things might not have gone smoothly and he might have had to fight for me.
Anyway, be patient and don't expect to get your disability quickly. You'll have to fight for it.
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