Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm at Bookends and Beans. This is a picture of the bar there.
Not much is happening, here. Jim and I solved the world's problems, this morning. We get together for coffee at Bookends on Mondays. While doing that we discuss world events. I don't really think anything ever gets resolved, though.
I got a new wifi card, this morning. I couldn't get it to work with Linux. I was really disappointed, since it's a Belkin card and I've always been able to get them to work with Linux. It had a Windows setup. I tried to access the inf. files with ndiswrapper, but I failed. I'll have to find someone with a Windows machine who could use it.
I was reading the Des Moines Register, yesterday. It had an article on how hard it is to get disability. This article related to Social Security. It talked about a guy who was living in a storage space.
I had it better but it still took over three years to get the benefits. So how do you live while you are waiting for Social Security?
Going to school was one of the things that I did. School doesn't count as work since you are paying to go there. A person can live on the student loans.
The downside is that they might not consider you disabled if you do well at school.
On the other hand if you get through school, you might be able to get a good job, and forget about disability.
After school I went on a disability pension from the VA. I realize that most people might not be eligible for this. It's what put me over until I was able to collect Social Security. There is a pension for disabled veterans who served during a war. If you are a veteran you probably served during a war, since the U.S. always seems to be in a war. Check with your Veterans Affairs person, usually at the courthouse, for information about this pension. If you are eligible, it will get you through the wait for Social Security. I think it pays about $950/month.
Well I'm going home to try to get that wifi card working with Linux again. I've got another idea.
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