Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Long Week is Almost Over

It's been a long week. Last Saturday, I told Jim that he should sell half of his Fannie Mae stock. It had already gone up by 980% and I told him he should take half of it off the table. Monday was a holiday so I went to LaCrosse. It went up another 35% on Tuesday. Wednesday it started out by going up then it cratered. By the end of the day it was down to where it was on Monday. Today it went down again. By the time I saw Jim it was below where it was Saturday.
I expressed the importance of being on top of one's investments. He said that Sherry (his wife) was managing it but she was too busy to track things on a regular basis. I encouraged him to get more involved. I don't know what he invested in the first place so I don't know how much he lost, yesterday and today. I do know that he can't afford to make the same mistakes over again. I only wish I knew how he came to invest in Fannie Mae in the first place. It was a great trade, only messed up by not tracking his investment. He did a similar thing with oil in 2008. Maybe he'll learn from his mistakes.
I sent off an e-mail to Wilmington Trust, yesterday. I hope to get some good news from them. At least, they answer their e-mails. It's really important to me. So important that I called a Christian Science practitioner and asked her to pray for me.
I've been struggling with Google Voice at work. We might be able to replace the phone with that. It's a free phone service from Google. I've also been working on Google Sites.  We want to replace our webpage with Google's. I haven't been able to get anything to work. I did get Skype to work with my account. The trouble with that is that I had to pay them $10 to  get my account working. I might have to do that as well for the Peace and Justice Center.
That's all for now. I think I'll get back to posting more pictures on my blog. I could load pictures of the etchings I'm trying to sell.
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