Saturday, September 14, 2013

At least the colonscopy went well.

I only had one polyp. I don't have to go back for  that for 5 years. I was worried about that since the last scan, I had 13 polyps.
The car broke on the way home. First, it conked out about 4 times. I got it started with starting fluid. Then the catalytic converter fell down. I tied it up with a rubber tie strap. I got it home even though it was louder than an diesel truck
I got it fixed at Dan's a couple of days later. I had to drive it to school and hope for the best. I even drove past a highway patrolman, but he didn't stop me. He was waiting at a stop sign as I drove past him. I may have been coasting at the time.
I wanted to mention some of the YouTube channels that I've been watching, lately.
The first one is George4title,or g4t. It's a stream-of-consciousness blog by a guy who lives in Southern California and he discusses the collapse of society, there. I really identify with him since I've been dealing with hopeleness and dispair for some time now. I think he might be bi-polar, but then, everyone seems to be getting that dianosis, anymore. Maybe his real problem is that society is collapsing and he has to deal with it. On a more cheerful note, I also watch Glendon Cameron. He advocates going out and hustling for a living. I'm not talking about selling drugs or anything like that; but going to storage locker auctions and selling the goods on EBay. He's making a ton of money at that and other means of making money. I should tell George to watch Glendon's videos. I think I will.
I've watched a lot of videos on fixing up the Mosin-Nagant. That's an old Russian rifle that I bought for the financial collapse. My favorite site is Iraqveteran8888. He has a lot of videos concerning modifying the Mosin.
The PatriotNurse gets into prepper stuff. I enjoy her videos, since I'm trying to prepare as well.
That leaves Peter Shiff. I watch him for his predictions about silver and the economy. That about covers what I'm doing on the Internet. I've also spent the day pricing small RVs. In California, we called them trailers, but here they are called campers. I'm thinking about getting one to live in whilst I go prospecting for gold, next year. It might take me 2 years.
Well, I've rambled on quite enough for now.


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