Friday, October 18, 2013

Buying Land for the Currency Collapse

I'm still trying to get ready for the currency collapse.
Lately, I've been pricing land to bug out to. I've found some land in the forest of Minnesota, mining claims in New Mexico and land in Northern California. I've been using Ebay to look for land.
I think I need to broaden my search. Maybe I should restrict my search to somewhere within 100 miles of where I live. I would like to find a place near a large body of water so I could fish for food. That could be important if we are no longer able to buy food.
If the Weidermeyers (who wrote "Aftershock") are right, then real estate prices will come down to 1/3 of what they are now. Maybe I should just wait for the collapse and buy land then. I was watching a YouTube video about someone who moved into a forest, living in a trailer. He had his trailer given to him. That sounds good to me. I could afford a free trailer.
I think I'll concentrate on the trailer, for now. I could probably move my trailer to Holstein, Iowa and live with relatives, if I have to.
I'm getting too scattered in my thinking. I need to concentrate on getting the trailer. After all if I have a trailer I could take it anywhere in the country, if I had to.
It would be good to have land so that I could raise a garden and a few animals, but the important thing for now is mobility. Of course, if we won't be able to buy gas, I won't be going anywhere.
I need to network more and get people to share their resources. I don't feel that I can get adequately prepared for the collapse on my own.
Maybe I'm making too much out of the pending currency collapse. After all, none of my friends seem to be at all concerned about it. Of course, amongst the prepper community we refer to such people as sheeple. That's a combination of the words sheep, and people. You get my meaning.
 I do feel that the politicians, and bankers have messed up the world's economy beyond repair.
On that note, I will leave you for now.


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