Saturday, October 19, 2013

More on buying a Trailer

I priced a couple of small trailers at a local dealer, today. His price was about $2000 lower than the one I priced last week in LaCrosse. They were also lighter; which means more tow able. I really liked them.
They were still $11000. That's several thousand more than what I can afford. I'll wait for a few months and see if the price comes down more. Trailer sales seems to be a seasonal thing around here. I really like the new ones. They are a lot lighter and livable than the older ones. I was troubled by the inside height of the ceiling. I'll be bumping my head all of the time. I'll have to stoop over all of the time.
I'm thinking about trying to enlist Gary T. to help me with my prepping for the currency collapse. He already said that I could keep ammo at his place. He has two houses. Maybe I could keep food there, as well.
If I were to park my trailer there I might be able to justify buying a trailer to my banker who has the final say on my spending because a social worker had me sign over that to him. I figure that I could say I'm saving money. Maybe I could get Gary to let me stay there for free. At least it shouldn't cost more than $100/month. That would save me $185.
I just went to Ebay and priced some mining claims. Somebody is selling a lot of claims in New Mexico at low prices. I'm tempted to buy a mining claim for several reasons:
  1.  Since I believe that the currency is collapsing I want my wealth in gold and silver.
  2.  The temperature should be moderate.
  3.  I'll be quite a distance from large population centers
  4. They are much cheaper than land, especially land in Iowa.
 Of course, there are some disadvantages of moving to New Mexico:
  1.  The weather might not be so nice. Being mountainous, it might be snowy in the winter.
  2.  It would be far from water.
  3. That's why the original miners didn't get all the gold in the first place.
  4. I would miss being around people. 
  5. I wouldn't have Internet access. 
  6. Since it's basically a desert, food might be scarce.
 I'll have to think about this a bit before I bid on one of these claims. Of course, this might be a "once in a lifetime" opportunity. I might bid on one or two of these claims.
Another thing that seems to be going cheaply are Chinese gold Pandas. They are a gold coin from China. I look at the 1/10 ounce ones. They sell at a big discount to other gold coins. I don't know why. Maybe it's because there have been a lot of counterfeit Pandas on the market. Anyway, I might buy another one if the price stays low, tonight.
I just noticed that somebody erased a blog posting that I had about "Is the Coming Apocalypse another way to get us to Spend Money". Maybe I'm on to something. I can't remember all that I said in that posting but I remember complaining about how I feel I need to spend an arm and leg to prepare for the certain financial collapse. Maybe that was just too close to the truth and the powers that be took it down. Oh well, it was probably just a glitch but I don't know.

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