Monday, June 16, 2014

Shipping the Motor Home is not Hopeful.

I had a lot of bad news, today, about shipping the motor home.
One person I talked to about shipping it by truck said that it had to be shorter than 8' 4". I measured the motor home and it came to over 9'
The Beast

Another place gave me quotes of over $3000.
I still have to find out if I could ship it by rail but I don't know how I would load it and off load it to a train. I guess I would need a crane. That might damage it.
It's not too hopeful. I'm thinking I'll have to drive it out.
I think I'll name it the "Beast" because of the way it handles in the wind. I drove 18 wheel trucks that handled better than this thing. I hope it's just the tires that are causing troubles.
I've been fighting with Linux Mint 17 at work. I got one version to work on the HP and another to work on the Dell. I think I'll leave it there. At least I got the latest form to work with the HP. I tried the same version on the Dell and it messed up Firefox. I need Firefox to work to get Chrome to work.
I've got to get after Coinbased to see if I parked some Bitcoins there a few years ago. Writing these blogs helps remind me to do things.

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