Monday, November 18, 2013

More Complaining about the High Cost of Prepping

I just don't know how I'm going to be able to afford prepping. I was watching a YouTube video by the "Modern Survivalist" about having cash in an emergency. He said that his experience in Argentina showed him the importance of having cash for the first month or so of a financial collapse.
Apparently money might not go to the value of toilet paper, immediately. Even though it might lose most of it's value the first few days; it will remain a medium of exchange for a while. You'll still be able to buy things (like food and fuel) with it, for a while.
He recommended having a month's of cash on hand. After that, you'll probably have to sell your gold and silver. Bartering will also be common. So now, I not only have to have gold, silver, food, guns, ammo, but cash, as well.
The people on YouTube don't seem to have any problem telling us what to buy but I just don't know where the damned money is supposed to come from.
I've been cleaned out multiple times on the stock and futures markets. I never had an especially good paying job. And now I'm on Social Security and a part-time minimum wage job.
That job is making it possible for me to attempt getting prepared for the financial collapse.I just hope that I'll be ready for what I know will happen, in time. I feel that I need a trailer and more bitcoins at the least.
I've got enough gold and silver for now. I could use more food, and I could store some water. Cash is the problem. I feel conflicted between bitcoins and cash. I am probably just being greedy when it comes to bitcoins.
They have tripled in value since I started trying to buy one. If they keep going up in value, I could finance everything else with the profit from them.
I felt the same way about futures, real estate stock options, stocks and bonds as well. Nothing has ever worked out and everything has always turned out to be a way to lose money. At least, this time, I only have a little more than $400 invested. Of course, I used a credit card to come up with all of that money. I did that with most of my other investments and it has always been a disaster.
It seems that I'm destined to be poor. Maybe the time-space continuum would be ripped if I made money. Something seems to be keeping me making bad decisions about money. It might be that I still have the thinking that makes for compulsive gambling.
I don't think so. I feel that I've gambled all of my life to break out of the grip of poverty. The poverty led to my gambling not the gambling leading to poverty. Even when I wasn't gambling I've been poor. Other people who quit gambling turned their lives around. I never did.
 Working in electronics was the root of my poverty. And now the currency is collapsing and I'm not able to do much to prepare for it.
Oh well, I just needed to vent a bit. I'll try to get back on track, tomorrow.

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