Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanks for coming to my blog.

I wanted to start off by thanking everyone for coming to my blog. For some reason the number of viewers has increased.
Maybe the NSA is reading it. I do get some viewers from Russia. So maybe Vladimir Putin is reading it.
Maybe other preppers are reading it. I have taken an interest in prepping since the economy almost tanked, last Spring.
About bitcoins; I'm still trying to set up an account to trade bitcoins. I have enough money in my checking account to buy one bitcoin. I'm waiting for them to send my bank account some money and then sending it back to them. They have to be sure that the transactions will work before they let me buy a bitcoin.
The price was about $350 each the last time I checked. I'm anxious that it may rise to a price that I can't afford before I can even buy one. Today, I'm going to transfer some money from my Discover card account to my checking account to facilitate the transaction.
You might be wondering about what got me into buying a bitcoin. They sound like one of the flakiest investments that I've ever been involved with. They have no backing; they were started by an anonymous person; and you are trusting that only 21 million of them will ever be made.
The only thing worse is the dollar; which is made out of debt. When a dollar is created it is created by creating debt to the Federal Reserve (which is owned by a bunch of bankers). I have no trust in the Fed, whereas bitcoins might be worth something.
I've been buying gold and silver with borrowed money for the last 6 months or so. I'm getting disillusioned with precious metals.
The market for metals is very manipulated. A couple of weeks ago, somebody sold 5,000 contracts on the futures market. It was worth over half a billion dollars. It crashed the market. They had to stop trading after they sold half of them. For every ounce of metals that really exist there are 100 ounces of paper or virtual metals that are sold. Nobody ever takes possession of these but they move the market for all the real metals. I'm tired of trading something that is so manipulated. No matter what I do I get cleaned out. Every day the price is set by crooks. Of course, the dollar is similar.
Maybe I should concentrate on buying food and supplies for the economic collapse. I need to set aside more food and water at Gary's place. I still need to get a trailer and a hitch for my van. I would like to be able to go prospecting for gold. Well, I'll keep at it.
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