Monday, February 24, 2014

It's been a While

I haven't been keeping up my blog like I should. I've been busy with snow shoveling and trading crypto currencies. The snow shoveling has been profitable; I can't say the same about crypt currencies.
I'm in fiat right now. That means that I don't own any currency except the dollar. Bitcoins and Litecoins seem to be in a down trend, I think it's related to the troubles at Mt. Gox. That's a large Bitcoin exchange. People can't get their money out of it. It's driving the whole market down.
In other news, I might be buying a membership at the"New Forty-niners". It's a gold mining club. They have a lot of mining claims on the Klamath River in Northern California.
I can buy a membership for $1000. I offered to pay in gold since I didn't have that kind of money available, quickly. They said that they would take it.
I have to make a few phone calls and make it happen.
I'm meeting Loula in a few minutes. I'm at Java Johns, drinking coffee. What else would I be doing at a coffee shop?
I'm going to try to get Loula a job, mopping the floor, here. I do it, now and then. I would rather see Loula do it. I'm busy enough. It doesn't really fit in with my schedule.

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