Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bitcoin is up and I'm Moving

It's a banner day for me. Not only is Bitcoin going up but I was notified that I can move into my new apartment.
The new apartment not only will cost less for the rent but I can get free Internet access as well.
I might be able to save $150/month. I might even save on the heating bill.
That will help me make the move to California that much earlier. I might be heading out there before winter.
I'm going to be busy, moving.
I was hoping to get Loula to help me but I haven't seen her for a while. I know that she is unemployed so a little extra income might be welcolmed. I'll have to track her down.
I was also thinking of getting rid of my desktop computer. I have a rather large laptop that could replace it so I think I'll give it to Loula or Scott (who lives down the hall).
I made a payment on the motor home this morning. I now only owe $300 on it. I'm selling gold and silver to make the payments. It's coming along well.
I've got a lot of parts for the computers in the mail right now. I hope they get here before I move. I think they will.
Well, I should go home and assemble a couple of computers to send off for repair. I took advantage of a two-for-one discount at a repair shop in Las Vegas yesterday. I just have to get them ready to ship out. That's tonight's project.
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