Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wasn't able to Borrow

I couldn't borrow for the move because I have a representative payee. That means that I don't have control over my own money. My checks go to the bank and they give me an allowance.
 A VA social worker thought that I should do that. I think it's been a major mistake. Never give up control of your money to anyone.
This whole being on disability and welfare has been dumb. I should go to North Dakota and get a real job; something that really pays. Instead I'm trying to get to California and pan for gold.
 I sold the last of my crypto currency to get money for buying the RV. Last week I lost about $50 on that. It never seems to go up any more. I guess that the ban in China is making a difference.
 One of the reasons that I got into crypto currencies was that the gold market is obviously manipulated. It's obvious to me that every market is manipulated including the crypto currencies. I just can't make money with my money.
I've got quite a bit of gold and silver and I'm just going to sit on that until after the currency collapse.
 All of my money now has to go towards the RV. It will not only cost $1000 to buy but I'll have to fix it up for another $500 to $600. Then I need to get the money together to go to California.
 I just have to be patient. It's hard when I'm working at the Peace Center.
 I tried to sell another one of my etchings. It's not moving. I dropped to price down to $75 and I still don't have any nibbles. I would like to sell them for Bit coins but PayPal won't do that yet. Maybe I could find another way, other than EBay, to move them.
I was thinking that I could take them with me as they won't really take up much room.
I also have to sell the coffee maker that Faye bought me for Christmas. It's to big for me and when I'm in the RV I won't be able to use electricity.
I've go to get serious about selling things. I have to get rid of my desktop computer and monitor. Maybe I'll donate that to the Peace Center. It would be an improvement on a couple of their computers.
 I need to get some boxes and start packing things up.
I should probably either sell or give my books away. I can get books on the Nook and the E-reader and not take up any room.
 I got my silver coins the other day. I bought $100 of face value 90% silver coins from a dealer a couple of weeks ago. They finally arrived. I didn't open up the bag but it looked like they are all dimes. I also bought a couple of 5 ounce, Chinese coins.
They look good to me but Mark says that they are probably fake. He's going to check them by weight. I can still send them back if they are fake.
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