Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hernando says that a Homestead won't help.

Hernando the "Modern Survivalist" on YouTube said that retreating to a homestead won't do much good in a real (Without Rule Of Law) situation. He had friends from Argentina and South Africa who were murdered in spite of going to a homestead. He said that there is no way to make yourself secure when things really break down.
The only thing to do is to leave. I guess I'll have to find a country that remains peaceful in a worldwide economic collapse. I think I'll try Costa Rica. I just wonder how I'll provide for myself if the dollar collapses. I'll wind up in Costa Rica with no income. Maybe I can find some gold before I go.
Maybe I can save some money by getting rid of all the firearms I bought for the collapse. My money would be better spent getting out of the U.S. I don't think I can drive to Costa Rica so Canada might be a better choice. Mexico is out since it's already a failed state. Maybe I should go to Canada. Maybe I could prospect for gold there.
I keep stopping at the place where the motor home I want to buy, is. Nobody is ever at home. The lady who owns the motor home is practically deaf so maybe she doesn't hear me knocking at her door.
I'm going to give Danny the money that I can afford for the motor home and see if he has better luck at tracking her down. Then I could get Danny to do the repairs that are needed on it as well.
I have to find out if I got the money from my income tax return sent to my bank account. If not maybe I could give her more for her old RV.
I sold all of my crypto currency to help pay for the motor home. I'm bored with not trading. I need to find something else to do with my time. I get on EBay and spend too much on silver and coins. I think I buy junk drawers on EBay from shear boredom.  Maybe I should take up alcoholism or drug abuse. It would be cheaper. I seem to be drawn towards expensive obsessions like option trading and commodity trading. If I had been a drunk it would have been a lot cheaper. I hope that buying gold and silver aren't just a continuation of my gambling problem.
This gives me a good chance to complain about how expensive being a survivalist is. I went to Gander Mountain in LaCrosse, today. That's a sporting goods store. They had practically everything I want for my survivalist goals. Here's a list of things I looked at. I was too broke to actually buy anything:

  1. A bottle and straw water filter. I'll be able to filter almost any water.
  2. An adapter to transfer propane from a large tank to a 1 lb. bottle.
  3. A hammock
  4. An inflatable canoe
  5. A nice backpack (I'm still thinking an Alice pack would be best)
  6. A large knife/machete.
  7. All sorts of ammo for the Mosin
  8. A personal solar panel
  9. A two burner, propane stove
I don't have to look anywhere else. Between Sportsman's Guide (on the internet) and Gander Mountain I should be able to get completely outfitted for my trip to California and being a survivalist in general.
Well that's all that I've got for now.

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