Sunday, April 13, 2014

I keep Buying Gold and Silver

I bought more gold and silver this morning.
I bought a gold ring with a 1/10 ounce Krugerrand in it. I paid $350. I felt that it was a bargain and it looked like it might fit my finger.
I've been looking for gold jewelry. I feel that wearing gold will bring more of it into my life by the "Law of Attraction". I also like the idea of always having something I could use to buy my way out of troubles; such as bribing a border guard to escape to Costa Rica. In the future that might be a priorty.
I also bought 5 ounces of silver coins. I put in what I felt was a low bid and I got them. In the future they will prove to be worth the money.
I feel that silver will move up more than gold; but only time will tell.
The trouble is that I'm spending more money than I can really afford to. I have several things I need my money for:

  1. Pay the gunsmith for the modifications on the Mosin.
  2. Pay the 2 repair places for working on my old MacBook Pros.
  3. I need 2 new tires on the van.
  4. Pay off the motor home.
  5. Buy some clothes.
  6. I like to go to church in LaCrosse.
I might be buying things because I'm bored. Without the snow shoveling, I really don't have much to do outside of working at the Peace Center. I need to start walking or riding my bicycle to keep occupied. Without something to do I gravitate towards buying things on EBay.
It's getting to be too expensive. What I really need to do is to have an income-producing side line (such as mowing grass) to help me prepare for my adventure next year.
Blogging doesn't really cut the mustard. In the last 3 or 4 years I've made a little more than $4.00. I have noticed that the more content I put out there the more income I get; so maybe I should just write more often.
I did sell one of my etchings on EBay. I have a collection of etchings by Malcolm Childers. I'm trying to sell them off one at a time. I won't have room for them in my motor home.
I'll try to show the one that I'm trying to sell now here. If you have Bitcoins or Litecoins I would rather sell them here; just leave a comment and we could work something out. I have a lot of Malcolm's etchings.

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