Friday, December 20, 2013

The Master Manipulators are at Bitcoin

The manipulators have invaded the trading at Bitcoin. I read a couple of articles on Bloomberg and Yahoo. They were both slamming Bitcoin. It showed me that the same people who manipulate the stock market were pulling their tricks on Bitcoin as well. They play me for the fool that I am, They drive the market up to appeal to our greed and wishful thinking. Then they drive the prices down sharply to scare us out of the market.
Since I'm trying to catch a trend I am a sucker for these moves. I've been on the wrong side except for a few days ago when I caught a nice move up in my sleep.
I bought a coin named NWC last night. I saw the market move up and couldn't stand to miss the move, It's been fluctuating since then. I'll try to stick with it at least until the beginning of the new year, The Chinese ban on transferring money from banks to Bitcoins goes into effect, then. That might drive the market down. The Chinese people might find a way to buy Bitcoins without banks by then. I'll probably be forced out of the market by then.
Without digital currency I feel rather hopeless. Maybe I'll get back to my plan of going prospecting for gold. I can't get a trailer but I have a van that I can load up with camping gear. I could just live out of my van.
I called Paypal last night to see if I could take Bitcoin for payment for my etchtings. They said that they were working on it but they weren't there yet. I think there is a chance to get high prices for art from Chinese people who will be stuck holding Bitcoins and no way to convert them to currency. At least that is my hope.
On a different subject, we had freezing rain last night. All I've been able to do with it is to spead some salt. I can't even get the car running because I can't get the ice off the windows. I had to walk to the home that I shovel snow for.
Well I have to go.
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