Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cryptocurrencies got Exciting

Well, shortly after saying that cryptocurrencies were boring it got exciting. I lost about $50 while I was sleeping. I went to bed with Litecoin in my crypto wallet. I had a sell order in at a couple of dollars higher than when I went to bed.
Unfortunately it went down instead of up. Once again, there was the famous weekend crash. It didn't happen last week and I felt that Litecoin was moving up so strongly that it wouldn't happen this week. I was wrong.
I sold at a bottom and got back in a few minutes later. Over the day it moved in small amounts.
Tonight it went down again. I got out quickly and then it started going up again. So I bought back in. This getting in and out doesn't really cost much. A transaction costs 0.2 %. It's worth it to get in and out and to try to miss the big losses. The trouble is that I have to sleep sometime.
I had a bot but I wasn't happy with it. It didn't get in and out fast enough for me. With cryptocurrencies you have to be fast. Maybe I can set the bot differently. I'll have to contact Pablo and find out.
I went to LaCrosse today. I went to church and then hung out at Barnes & Noble. I bought a book by Malcolm Gladwell. He's one of my favorite authors. I also got a survivalist book. It looked to me like the prices are going down there. Maybe they are going bankrupt. I hope not; I'll miss them.
Not much happening here. I'm at Culvers (a hamburger shop). Just watching cryptocurrencies and reading Gladwell's latest book.
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