Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm running low on photos. I know that I ran this picture of Trout Run Creek before. The batteries are low on my camera, so until I buy some more batteries I'll have to repeat the pictures. This one is probably my favorite of Trout Run Creek, anyway.
I was watching the "Dave Ramsey Show" the other night. In it he had a woman who called an complained about how she was limited by being on welfare. If she got a job and increased her income she wouldn't be eligible to live in her rent-assisted apartment.
Dave told her to break out of welfare and get a job that pays something.
This isn't bad advice for someone who (has it together). What about the people who don't? What if you keep losing your jobs due to the voices in your head, or the conversations you have with the president?
How do you tell if you are disabled enough to be on Social Security.
I don't know. For some people it might be obvious. If you are blind or lost your limbs it is apparent that you are disabled.
For people who have less apparent problems the question is trickier.
Only you and your doctor can make that judgment.
I think it is made easier if you find yourself working one minimum wage job after another. After all, as poor as disability is, it still tends to pay more that minimum wage.
And keep in mind, that if it takes years for you to get Social Security, you will get all that back pay. This could easily be the largest sum of money that you will ever acquire.
Maybe the best bet is to keep your options open and keep your appeal going while you look for a good job.
Its true that disability is limiting but it may be your best bet.
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