Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I went to see Linda Lucy this morning. She is an assistant of Senator Harkin. I asked her if the (Cash for Clunkers) program could be extended to help people buy used cars. Even with $4500 in assistance a new car remains out of the reach of the poor.
She also talked about Health Care Reform and other issues.
After that Alice and I went to LaCrosse. We ate at McDonalds and went to Barnes and Noble. I found a book that I was interested in but I couldn't afford it, right now. I have doubts about buying it anyway. It talked about how right the Hick's are. She channels a 10,000 year old demi-god, so I have my doubts.
I'm still waiting for my AC adapter for the Gateway Solo. I'm going to have to send off a nasty e-mail.
I was hoping to get some memory sticks, as well, but they didn't show. I've got a lot of stuff in the mail, right now.
I asked Alice what she knew about affordable housing. She said that there is a program called Section 8 that will help a person on the basis of their income.
I think its the same thing that Dan Micals told me about. I'll have to find out what sort of income you need for this. I think its pretty low. Apparently it is handled through HUD.
It might help a person who is going to college to wait for their Social Security to come through.
Also, don't forget Heating Assistance. Joan Nelson, at the Smith Building, handles that. It works even if you own your own house. You just have to have a low income to qualify.
I forgot my lottery ticket so I might not get the numbers today. If I get back to town, after eating dinner, I'll list them. I've yet to beat the laws of probability though.
I loaded a picture of Dug Road Trail. Apparently it used to be a road in the horse and buggy days. Now its a trail next to the Upper Iowa River.
About bonds: I would say not to buy tax-free bonds for the tax advantages. The difference in yields on a Treasury or corporate bond will more than pay the taxes that you avoid with the tax-free bonds. Another factor, is that municipalities are also going bankrupt, so what risk are you avoiding. The state of California may end up bankrupt. The same may be true of Florida. So I think the best place is in a high yield corporate fund. You should get around 14% yield. There is no such thing as safety, now. I would go for the yield.
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