Sunday, May 10, 2009

Its Sunday and I'm at the Co-op again. I was at Java Johns. Their internet was slow and I got kicked off. The Co-op works much better. I'm listening to streaming radio and surfing the net with no delays.
The Co-op has a delicious quiche today. So come on in. The internet has one problem. All the ac plugs are by the front window, so I have to contend with glare from the morning sun.
That may end up limiting my use of the Co-op to evenings and cloudy days. I wrote up a suggestion that they put ac plugs away from the windows. The Magpie is opened on Sundays, now so I may end up there.
I got a free cup of coffee today for having a filled out punch card. That saved me $.75.
I'm tempted to go to La Crosse today. I'm too late to go to church, but I could still go to Barnes and Noble and shop for books. I think I'll wait until tomorrow and see if Jim wants to go with me. It's not too difficult to get a rider since so many of us like to shop at Barnes and Noble. I especially like their cheesecake. It's almost worth the trip even if I don't get a book. Sometimes I leaf through books there and then buy them at Bookends and Beans. Its good to support local businesses.
I think I'll get a newspaper and finish my coffee. It's time to finally mow the lawn. I've been putting it off for about a week. I'm probably offending the neighbors. The dandelions are about to go to seed.
Goodbye for now.
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