Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yesterday I met with Jim at Bookends and Beans. We talked about investing. He told me that he put everything into a money market account.
I don't know if I believe him since last week he said it was in an energy ETF. He probably knew that I would tell him that he should be in and out of things based on what is happening. Yesterday Hugo Chavez nationalized the oil companies and oil went down hard. He could have used DTO to make money in a down market.
I hope he is in a money market. I told him about TIPS and a junk bond fund. Either one or both would be an improvement over active trading.
We went to a couple of bicycle shops to look for a recumbent bike for him. We found one that was reasonably priced, at the bike shop on College Ave. He had to measure it to see if it would go into his PT Cruiser.
Later I went to La Crosse. I bought a couple of books at Barnes and Noble. I also ate at ham sandwich and had a slice of Neapolitan cheesecake. That was yummy.
I came home too late to mow the lawn so I'll do it today.
Today, I'm having troubles with getting my Direct TV (satellite tv) bill paid. The debit card that I just got didn't work for them. I just used it at Bookends and Beans for a cup of coffee. I also checked my balance at the credit union. I'll have to go back to the credit union and see if I can resolve the problem.
I checked on using Magic Jack for my phone service. It doesn't look like it will work for me since I would need a phone line. All that I have is a cell phone and WiFi from various coffee shops. Maybe Skype will work. I'll look into it.
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