Friday, June 5, 2009

bought more bonds

Today, while I had way too much time on my hands, I bought 10 Delphi bonds. It might seem dumb to buy bonds in a company that is bankrupt. Two things influenced me. One was the low price. $10 for a $1000 bond is cheap. Another thing was a news article about General Motors giving Delphi some money. I'm gambling that the government or GM will help Delphi out. We'll see.
It's a nice day here, rather cloudy so its not getting hot. I really have no excuse for not mowing the lawn. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so today is the day.
I bid on a laptop on EBay today. It's another Great Quality. I'm really happy with the one that I have. I only bid $50 so I probably won't get it. If I do I'll have to update my paypal account and add money. I forgot to check that he would take checks or money orders.
I decided to continue to work on old laptops as a hobby. I'll never make any money on them but they are a challenge to get working properly. It's something I can do with my time until I try prospecting for gold, next year.
It looks like I overpaid for the Delphi bonds. Someone else bought them for $1 for $1000 bonds. Well you live and learn. I should have offered less in my bid. I still think they'll go up. I
could have paid a lot less.
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