Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot one in Decorah

It's a hot one in Decorah. I've spent most of the day hanging out in air conditioned coffee houses.
I'm at the co-op now because it's the coolest place in town. They keep it cool to keep food from spoiling.
I'm using the Thinkpad 390 with Suse Linux as the operating system. I got the sound card to working yesterday, but this morning I couldn't get the wifi card to work at Bookends and Beans. They have a password protected wireless network and this form of Linux couldn't handle it. I know that I need something called a WPA network with a shared key. This operating system only has WEP.
I got the updater to working at Magpie. After struggling for hours I finally noticed that by right clicking on the update icon I could configure the updater.
I was blogging away and my computer notified me that 91 updates are available. I decided to do it now, while things are working.
I talked with Jim, this morning. He's having car troubles. His water pump is going bad and it will cost hundreds to repair.
I'm kind of glad that I have an old car. If anything major goes bad, I'll just get another car.
I tried to upload a photo but they are on the other computer. I tried to use the memory stick but this computer ignored it. I'll do it tomorrow.
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