Monday, June 29, 2009

Still waiting

I got an e-mail from the guy who sold me the AC adapter for the Gateway. He wants me to leave feedback. But I haven't gotten the AC adapter, yet. I don't know what is holding it up. One problem is that Decorah is so out-of-the way. Our mail is always late.
I bought a 40 gig hard drive for the Thinkpad, this morning. I'm thinking of having a dual boot system on it. I'll put Windows 2000 and Suse linux on it. That way I can choose which operating system to run. I was thinking about doing that with my good laptop. It has a 35 gig hard drive and I'm only using 5.
I talked with Jim this morning. I showed him how to leave comments on my blog site. He just told me hi. I asked him if he wanted to go and see Senator Grassley tomorrow. He'll be in Waukon in the morning. Jim said he would get back to me but I doubt that he'll go. The Senator will be there in the early morning and Jim doesn't get up before 10.
On the disability front. If you have low income, don't forget to apply for heating assistance. In Decorah, that is handled by Community Action. Joan Nelson runs that. They are in the basement of the Smith Building on Montgomery. While you are there you might as well get some free food. They have a food bank that you can use for something like 6 times a year. There is also a food band at the 1st Lutheran Church on Broadway ST.
Yesterday I mentioned how ETFs are replacing mutual funds. Some of my favorite ETFs are:
(DTO) Powershares double short crude oil, bets against the price of crude with 2 times leverage
(VDE) Vanguard Energy, a long energy play
(UYG) Proshares ulta-long financials, long financial with 2 times leverage
(SKF) Proshares ultra short financials, short financials with 2 times leverage
(USO) United States Oil, Long US oil
(UGA) United States Gasoline, long US gasoline
(DZZ) Deutsche Bank Short Gold, shorts gold with 2 times leverage
(SGG) Barclays bank sugar fund
This is just a small sampling of ETFs to be found. I invested in all of these and more when I still had money from my Social Security settlement. I did pretty well until I decided to play it safe by investing in General Motors preferred stock, to play it safe.
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