Friday, June 12, 2009

Enron crisis

I've been running around, trying to find out what happened to my Enron puts back in 2001. I received a letter from a lawyer in California informing me that I was owed nothing in the Enron settlement. After calling him, he convinced me that I should talk with my broker. He found the receipts of both the sales and purchases of the puts in question. It looks like I sold them at a profit back in 2001. I just didn't have the receipts before. I guess I need to keep better records, but I rely on my brokers to do that for me. I have no trouble with Etrade. It's just the local broker who misplaces things.
I bought a computer on Ebay this morning. It's going to set me back $35 so its not too bad. I can sell it to Dave as he is looking for one.
I'm bidding on another that will come due in about 1 hour. It's a little nicer but it doesn't have a hard drive or ac adapter.
The Moo Mobile was across the street. It's a promotion for the dairy industry. They give away milk shakes. There was a line of people down the block but it was worth it.
I saw Lula at the co-op. We're meeting again next Thursday at Bookends and Beans.
I sold my Clear Channel bond this morning, and bought 15 more Delphi bonds. If Delphi comes out of bankruptcy I'll clean up.
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